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ÆMERGENT is the best option to show and sell your art

We believe in new art

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Let's paint together a world of freedom and acceptance through art.


martina cinotti, self-sabotage, 2022, acrilico su tela, 50x70 cm.jpeg
martina cinotti, self-sabotage, 2022, acrilico su tela, 50x70 cm.jpeg



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ÆMERGENT was born from passion, dedication and a lot of work

with the aim of enhancing new artists and their works


The idea of creating a virtual community for the promotion of art conceived as a blog was born


knowing artists more and more, a shared need emerged: how can works be promoted and sold without paying to rent a physical space?

2022 - 2023

ÆMERGENT was founded

 AEMERGENT - Discover how we became a showcase for emerging artists | Francesco Di Pardo Founder & Director

Founder & Director

Francesco Di Pardo

After gaining experience in the contemporary art system and a degree in Economics and Cultural Heritage Management, he opened the ÆMERGENT portal because he believes in the potential of young artists and their future.

ÆMERGENT aspires to be a point of reference for under 35 art at a national and European level, improving and evolving day by day together with artists, collectors and professionals


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