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ÆMERGENT is the best option to show and sell your art

We believe in new art

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Let's paint together a world of freedom and acceptance through art.


martina cinotti, self-sabotage, 2022, acrilico su tela, 50x70 cm.jpeg
martina cinotti, self-sabotage, 2022, acrilico su tela, 50x70 cm.jpeg



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ÆMERGENT is a platform for the promotion of emerging artists who stand out for: innovation, ambition, relevance and artistic research.


ÆMERGENT stands together with its founder, Francesco Di Pardo, as a hybrid reality, always ready to establish new curatorial partnerships and art consulting collaborations, to encourage the passion and talent of the artists.


The platform aims to offer opportunities to artists and create a new art community, in which research and artistic intuition come first. ÆMERGENT is an opportunity to stand out in today's complex art system in such a way as to have the opportunity to get to know and form network ties with other realities that can contribute to the artist's career.


ÆMERGENT constantly searches for the best emerging artists to propose to collectors and art lovers and to exhibit in heterogeneous contexts. In this sense, the ÆMERGENT brand embraces the concept of inclusive and diverse art, in order to become a reference point for emerging art.



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