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martina cinotti, self-sabotage, 2022, acrilico su tela, 50x70 cm.jpeg
martina cinotti, self-sabotage, 2022, acrilico su tela, 50x70 cm.jpeg



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1998, Mexico City

He currently lives and works in Milan

I set beauty to a high standard. 

I defend what I like, and I like beautiful.

Doesn't everyone? 

Doesn't the seduction of beauty rely on its subjective nature? 


Javier Sarmiento is a visual artist who draws his inspiration from the shape and beauty of the human body, exploring its authentic nature, regardless of gender. For Javier, masculinity and femininity merge into one harmonious entity.

The artist establishes a deep and introspective bond with the subjects of the works, which during the pictorial experience become like Muses.

In Javier's works, one perceives a perfect balance between space and emotion.

The human figures dance on the canvas, creating a deep connection between the viewer and the work itself.

The body, often in moments of nudity and intimacy, is painted as if the emotions that govern the artist's hand are not his own but those of the body that is taking shape on the canvas. The artist manages to crystallize an introspective moment where the image becomes aware of itself and transmits its perception to the artist, making the moment tangible.

Javier Sarmiento's works are an invitation to immerse yourself in the intimacy of the human body, to recognize the beauty and harmony that are hidden in all its forms.



Javier Sarmiento, Alvaroenmovimiento, 2023,

oil on canvas, 180 x 100 cm 


Javier Sarmiento, Cuerazo, 2023,

oil on leather and canvas, 100 x 120 cm 

javier ambientata 5.jpeg
javier ambientata 3.jpeg

Javier Sarmiento, Anais, 2022,

oil on canvas, 165 x 100 cm 

javier ambientata 4.jpeg

Javier Sarmiento, Antonio, 2021,

oil on canvas, 165 x 100 cm 


Javier Sarmiento, MiPau, 2020,

oil on canvas, 100 x 100 cm 

javier ambientata 2.jpeg



2019 - 2023 Bachelor's Degree in Painting at La Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti - NABA, Milan, IT

2020 Sean Shanahan Workshop, Milan, IT

2010 - 2016 Anais Martinez Mont and Nathan Ardon Student, Mexico City, MX





- Constructing Nature, Joint exhibition with artist Asarfelt, Milan, IT

- Toni & Guy, Solo exhibition, Milan, IT



- Studio Habitus Exhibition, Milan, IT



- Raw, Group exhibition, Mexico City, MX

- Le' Cour, Solo exhibition, Monterrey, MX


Contact us by email at info@aemergent.com

or on whatsapp at +39 3664380099

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